Two days before election, Greek FM addresses the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Jun 4, 2024 | News and Media

As we close in on the final stretch of Greece’s campaign for a non-permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council for 2025/26, Hellenic Republic Foreign Minister, Mr. George Gerapetritis visits New York for the UNSC election day, scheduled to take place on June 6.

While in New York, Minister Gerapetritis addressed the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung), making the case for Greece’s candidacy for the United Nations Security Council. In his remarks, the Greek Foreign Minister laid particular emphasis on the candidacy’s motto, the 3Ds: Dialogue, Diplomacy and Democracy. These three words epitomize the intrinsic values and advantages of our candidacy. They also refer to fundamental pillars of the UN structure and operation, which are currently jeopardized.

“ In recent times, it has been very disappointing to acknowledge that we have lost our deliberative spirit. At the same time, we see a lot of extremism coming up, and unfortunately, there is not much diplomacy in place” the Minister stressed. If elected within the Security Council, we aspire to become the synthesis of the South and the North and of the West and the East. We can do it because Greece is among the few states that are on good diplomatic terms with all major states and all our neighboring states” he continued.

Touching upon the six main priorities of the Greek candidacy for the 2025/26 tenure, Mr. Gerapetritis underlined that, apart from the adherence and promotion of the International Rule of Law, Greece commits to accelerate decision-making for other -equally pressing- issues of both humanitarian and environmental importance. In this context, the Minister promised brave steps in climate crisis mitigation as well as protection of the rights of women and children, especially in times of conflict and instability.

Finally, the Minister explained that action has already been taken in these crucial fields. Three months ago, Greece was the proud host of the 9th ‘Our Ocean Conference’ for the protection of seas and oceans. The Conference attracted delegations from 125 countries and organisations, while financial contribution to the cause of the protection of the oceans amounted to a total of 11.5 billion dollars.

Let’s keep this momentum going!

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