Our Logo

Greece is a founding member of the United Nations and a firm proponent of the purpose and the fundamental principles enshrined in the UN Charter. In the spirit of these principles and in honor of the Greek language and heritage, we have chosen three words as our compass for our candidacy and, hopefully, our tenure in the Security Council. Three words of universal meaning that start with the Greek Delta, “D”.

Dialogue, “διάλογος” in Greek: The act of exchanging reasonable arguments. According to Socrates, dialogue was the path to truth, the path to knowledge.

Diplomacy, “διπλωματία” in Greek: At its root, we find the world two, “δύο”. Diplomacy is based on dialogue between two parts – peoples, nations – to overcome differences and arrive at common solutions.

Democracy, “δημοκρατία” in Greek. It literally means power of the people. Born in ancient Athens, democracy is also based on dialogue, the open exchange of arguments in the “αγορά”, there are no silent democracies.

The emblem of our candidacy is the olive tree and its branch. Since it was planted in Attica soil by Goddess Athena, the olive tree has represented peace and wisdom. It became the symbol of the Olympic Truce during the ancient Olympic Games, when all wars were in pause. A crown of olive leaves was the prize for the winner in the Olympic Games. It was the symbol of fair play. The olive tree is also a point of reference for Mediterranean countries and people throughout the centuries.