Greece in the Security Council, then and now

Greece has been a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council twice in the past, in 1952-1953 and in 2005-2006. Today, it runs its candidacy for its third participation for the 2025-2026 term. The elections will take place in June 2024, at the Organization’s General Assembly in New York. 

Being a member of the Security Council – the United Nations body responsible for “maintaining international peace and security” – is of great importance for every country since it increases international prestige and influence in global affairs. At the same time, it carries a great responsibility. 

The three Ds of the Greek candidacy logo will be our compass in this journey. We aim to conduct an open Dialogue with every interested party, on all issues that fall under the competence of the Security Council. Diplomacy will be our tool, in order to bridge differences and reach mutually acceptable compromises. Our vision is Democracy in the sense of respect of sovereignty, rights and freedoms and will of the people.

If elected, our third term in the Security Council, will follow the central principles of Greece’s foreign policy: dedication to peace, respect for international law, democracy and human rights, eradication of poverty and hunger and empowerment of international cooperation between peoples. 

During Greece’s previous term, the members of the Council entrusted us with the Chairmanship of two important Sanctions Committees, the Committee on Ivory Coast and the Committee on Sudan, as well as the Chairmanship of the Working Group on General Sanctions Issues. We also had the Vice Chair of the Counter-Terrorism Committee. 

For our next term, based on the 6 priorities we have set and in close cooperation with the other members of the Security Council, our focus will be on unstable areas, trying to work out long-term solutions that will protect the security of peoples and provide the conditions for sustainable peace and development. Particular emphasis will be given on strengthening the role of women in peace and security, but also on the protection of children in armed conflicts. 

During our candidacy campaign, we hold meetings with all members of the Organization, exchanging ideas and concerns, and we actively participate in international and regional conferences. We are very pleased to receive full support for the priorities we have set. At the same time, there is an urgent request for total respect and application of the rules of international law in peace and security, as well as for reform and modernization of the operation of the Organization. 

In this process, the role of Civil Society is also important. We believe that the contribution of Non-Governmental Organizations is essential and we intend, throughout our term, to have a frequent exchange of views and ideas.