The African Union Meets w/ EU member States

May 8, 2024 | News and Media

On May 8, on the eve of Europe Day, the Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the United Nations together with the Delegation of the European Union to the UN in New York hosted an informal dialogue between African countries and member states of the European Union, including the Hellenic Republic.

Discussions focused on the various priorities leading to the Summit of the Future including the New Agenda for Peace, Global Governance, as well as the Agendas ‘2030’ (On Sustainable Development) & ‘2063’ (Africa’s strategic vision for the future of the continent).

Africa and Europe, do not only share geographical proximity but a common future as well, filled with grand challenges starting from mitigating environmental damage to migration and very promising opportunities of mutual benefit, particularly in the field of economic and social development. The “twin continents” represent the hopes and aspirations of 1.9 billion people, something which needs to be taken into serious consideration while designing the new, action-oriented document called the Pact for the Future.