Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis introduces Hellenic UNSC candidacy website

Sep 6, 2023 | News and Media

It is with great satisfaction that I announce today the launch of the website for Greece’s candidacy as an elected member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2025-2026 term.

Our country serves a key pillar of stability and democracy both in the Balkan region and the wider Southeastern Mediterranean. Greece, with an unwavering adherence to International Law principles, continues to play a leading role in the international community’s efforts to attain a just and peaceful world, while standing firmly at the forefront in addressing current challenges, such as the effects of climate change.

In this regard, the key slogan of Greece’s candidacy, namely “Dialogue, Diplomacy, Democracy” or “the 3Ds”, is no mere coincidence. These three concepts, which comprises the fundamental bases for the proper functioning of the international relations edifice, will set the broader framework within which we will develop our individual actions when we are elected to the UN Security Council. These actions will focus on key areas of international relations such as a) peaceful settlement of disputes, b) respect for International Law and the rules and principles of the UN Charter, c) the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, d) Climate Change and Security, e) Children in Armed Conflicts, and f) Maritime Security.

The new website has been designed in such a way that visitors can easily access the most significant news regarding Greece’s candidacy at any time. It is an essential tool in achieving our primary goal, which is to ensure our country’s re-election to the UNSC after 20 years. It constitutes a national objective whose achievement requires a concerted effort and the harmonious cooperation of all entities involved, so that we all work together to further strengthen Greece’s voice and position on the international stage.