International Conference on Gaza – Greece’s olive branch

Jun 11, 2024 | News and Media

On June 11, Greece was represented at the International Conference in Amman, Jordan, convened by the King of Jordan, the President of Egypt, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations. The conference focused on humanitarian aid to Palestine and Gaza, as well as the reconstruction plan following the cessation of hostilities.

“We are currently facing a truly dramatic situation in the region”, said the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, George Gerapetritis. “It is absolutely necessary to halt hostilities immediately, to ensure an unhindered uninterrupted flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and to develop a plan for Gaza’s reconstruction, for main routes that will allow people to return to their homes, with basic infrastructure and life in Palestine restored. Of course, a vision must be provided to the Palestinian people on the establishment of a Palestinian state within the framework of the Security Council resolutions” the Minister continued.

Foreign Minister Gerapetritis emphasized Greece’s contribution towards the immediate ceasefire in the Middle East. “Greece can and does talk to all the parties involved and it is important that we can contribute to the international effort to cease hostilities in the Middle East. It is a universal demand of Europe and the entire world to end this nightmare” he stressed, adding that “a joint task force comprising Ministers from both the European Union and the Arab world will be set up to assist in promoting the peace process”. 

As an elected member of the UN’s Security Council for the term 2025/26, Greece already employs a wide array of tools for the resolution of international disputes in accordance with the International Rule of Law. It is our firm belief that dialogue and diplomacy are of intrinsic value for peaceful settlement of disputes.

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