Children and the Climate Crisis- Action Required

Jul 1, 2024 | News and Media

Two of the main priorities of the Hellenic tenure on the Security Council during the years 2025/26 will be to galvanize efforts for the protection of children and coping with the climate crisis. These are issues which can be addressed separately, however, as it is so often the case with the complex challenges of our modern world, they interact.

As a result, the triple planetary crisis of climate change, environmental pollution and biodiversity loss has put many children in the world at risk, jeopardizing the already vulnerable UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs). In this regard, advancing key sectors such as education, health and nutrition for every child becomes an imperative need.

On July 1, the Hellenic Mission to the United Nations addressed the “Children and SDGs” Group of Friends. It was formed in 2015, with the aim to ensure that children’s rights and well-being remain at the center of intergovernmental discussions and decision-making. UNICEF serves as the Secretariat for this body. In April 2024, 69 members of the Group issued a joint statement, which shed light on the importance of identifying new financing modalities. The statement encourages governments to unlock financing for development and invest in healthy economies, which will ultimately redound to the benefit of our children.