Two Years of War in Ukraine- Greece stands in Solidarity

Feb 23, 2024 | News and Media

February 24, 2024 marks two years since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The U.N. General Assembly held a ministerial meeting on the eve of the anniversary. The Hellenic Republic stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and to commemorate this solemn anniversary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Special Envoy on Ukraine, Ambassador Spyridon Labridis addressed the the 193-member United Nation Assembly stressing that “Greece is mobilizing support and will continue to do its utmost to help alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians and people in need in Ukraine”.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry lit up its main building in Athens in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, in support of the country’s struggle and issued the following announcement “Our support for the government and people of Ukraine is based on principles. Our stance is unequivocal: changes to internationally recognized borders through the use of military force are contrary to the Charter of the United Nations thus, unacceptable. Respect for territorial integrity, national sovereignty, and independence of all states, as well as the prohibition of the use or the threat of use of force in international relations, constitute fundamental principles of International Law and non-negotiable principles of Greek foreign policy”.

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