Gearing up for the 9th Our Ocean Conference- SEA you there!

Apr 12, 2024 | News and Media

It’s the final countdown for the 9th Our Ocean Conference, scheduled to take place in Greece, on April 15-17. Governments of more than 100 countries, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, academia, philanthropists, and the private sector, all with a dedicated commitment to the protection of the oceans will meet in Athens to discuss how to mitigate the negative impacts from human interventions and improve the current state of our seas and oceans.

By hosting the 9th Our Ocean Conference, Greece, a Mediterranean nation and the second EU member State to have hosted such an event, will reaffirm its commitment to transition to a “Blue economy,” harness the advantages of a new balance between growth- social cohesion- sustainability, while at the same time give practical solutions to acute and pressing problems such as biodiversity loss, unsustainable fishing, plastic pollution and unsustainable maritime transport.

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