Future role of the UN & Europe –Greece’s stance & contribution

Sep 25, 2023 | News and Media

Minister of Foreign Affairs, George Gerapetritis’ addresses the Center for European Studies at Harvard University in Boston and draws attention to five major challenges: the climate crisis, aggression at a global scale, the management of migration, food insecurity and the sustainability of public health.

In his address, the Minister highlights the complexity of global governance and explains why Greece can transform the current trends of intransigence into a deliberative culture:

“One country alone or an alliance of countries cannot rid any of the problems such as climate crisis or aggression. So, how do we treat those phenomena? Obviously, the first and most important would be to further enhance democracy, rule of law, and global governance. However, we need the type of global governance that is based on principles”.

“I recall what United Nations Secretary General Guterres mentioned just a couple of days ago addressing the General Assembly. He said something that I value a lot. He said, the problem of our era is that compromise has become a dirty word. And I think this absolutely reflects what is happening now”.

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